About Us


We post latest casting calls from UK Film and TV industry. We cover all audition updates from UK. We post casting calls for all the actor, actresses, couples, LGBTQ, kids, elderly people, people with different skin and hair texture, transgenders etc. Casting calls can be for commercial purposes, TV shows, Talent search, Netflix, short film, feature film, extras, background artists, feature comedy, YouTube series etc. We post for both SAG AFTRA and Non-Union. Nationwide casting is also done. Talent is never wasted, so here we post about various castings where every talent is praised. Casting calls are for both speaking and non-speaking roles. Castings are also updated where new faces are welcomed. We post UK audition updates which may be paid or unpaid (non-paid). We post casting calls for various platforms where each and every people with diverse ethnicity are required.

We post latest crew castings from UK Film industry. Our posts include all types of crew requirements i.e. cinematographer, special FX makeup, SFX editor, hair stylist, craft service/UPM, script supervisor, light/gaffer(on set), costume designer, set decorator, video editor/sound mixer(post production), VFX artist(post production), boom operator(onset), producer, production designer, BTS photographer, director of photography, production assistant(PO), lighting head, production designer, sound supervisor, executive producer, marketing videographer, host for events, sound designer and all other crew members.

We post about models casting in UK. Our posts include all types of models i.e. high fashion models, catalogue models, classic models, commercial/advertising models, real life models and fitness models. We post about both male and female models. Our posts cover all skin tones(white-black), all ages(Child-Old age), all hair types(Straight-Curly, Long-Short),hair colors(Blonde, Brunette, Red, Black) all size sizes(Skinny-Plus size) models. Types of modelling included in our posts are fashion, body part, fine art, glamour, fitness bikini, promotional and commercial print models. We also include posts about models with plus sizes and curvy models. Our posts include paid and unpaid models. We post about photoshoot of models. Our posts also include casting new models. Posts include casting models for feature films, short films, YouTube, web series, music videos, brands(Sportswear/Medicines/Beauty etc.), advertisement. LGBTQ models casting posts are also included.