Membership Plan

Benefits Of BASIC Plans

  • Weekly updates of 100+ casting and crew calls
  • Automatic expiration of the plan, no need to cancel.

Benefits of PRO Plans

  • All the benefits of the BASIC plan, plus:
  • A shoutout on our Castingcallsunitedkingdom Instagram page
  • Access to the screenplay or shooting script of 100 popular films and series, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Interstellar, Tenet, Batman, Spiderman, Game of Thrones, The Godfather, John Wick, Once Upon a Time in America, Pirates of the Caribbean, Parasite, and Breaking Bad.
  • Automatic expiration of the plan, no need to cancel.

Benefits of our PRO plan include not only the weekly casting and crew calls, but also a shoutout on our popular Instagram page, as well as access to the scripts of some of the most popular movies and TV shows of all time. Our plan also expires automatically, so there’s no need to cancel it.

At Casting Calls UK, we collect information from various casting directors and producers to provide the latest casting requirements to aspiring actors and filmmakers. We post 15-30 requirements on working days, with a daily post on our Instagram page as well. Many producers and casting directors directly share casting requirements with us, and we provide the contact information for these opportunities directly to our subscribers.

Our main service is to provide genuine audition and learning materials to aspiring actors and filmmakers at a reasonable price. We recommend at least our PRO 30 plan for a month to gain access to all the opportunities.

To enhance user experience, we are constantly working on the following features:

  1. A single-page profile where users can see all their important information in one place
  2. Sorting requirements according to age and location, to make it easier for actors to find the right opportunities
  3. Exposing fake updates, ensuring our subscribers have access to only the genuine and verified opportunities.

Our goal is to help aspiring actors and filmmakers to reach their potential by providing them with the most up-to-date and genuine casting information in the industry.

Level Price  
Basic 30

£4.99 now.

Membership expires after 1 Month.

Basic 365

£34.99 now.

Membership expires after 12 Months.

Pro 30

£9.99 now.

Membership expires after 1 Month.

Pro 365

£69.99 now.

Membership expires after 1 Year.