Pessoa, an unemployed man who fancies himself a poet, Tess, an intellectual woman who is sensible and sober. They meet at a fountain under a castle, and use a contest to write poems to show the attitudes of a man and a woman confronted with love and choices. They hotly debated and secretly compete, finally, at midnight at the lakeside, they say goodbye and know they wont see each other anymore.


A man with a melancholic temperament, loves poetry, music. Same name as the Portuguese poet Pessoa.

Visual age: 22-30
Height: 180-185
Body Type: Thin
Hair Style: Curly/Long
Other Trait: Can smoke


An elegant, erudite woman with a literary temperament and a spontaneous personality at the same time.

Visual Age: 22-30
Height: 165 or above
Body Type: Thin
Hair Style: No exaggerated
perm, no other requirements

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